Women in Manchester’s 1960s beat scene

beat scene

Hello, I’m Lauren, a postgraduate (MA) history student at Manchester Metropolitan University. My research interests include the modern history of gender, sexuality, and youth culture. I am currently working on my MA dissertation, which will contribute to the under researched area of young women’s experiences of youth culture in the post war period, by examining young women’s participation in Manchester’s beat scene in the 1960s.

My dissertation will build upon the work of Katie Milestone and Louise A. Jackson, to demonstrate that young women not only had access to Manchester’s beat scene, but that many of them actively participated. It will explore how young women participated in Manchester’s beat scene, and analyse reactions to young women’s occupation of clubs in Manchester in the 1960s. It will also determine whether some young women’s participation in emerging leisure practices in the 1960s had an impact on their subsequent life experiences.

Young women’s experiences of Manchester’s beat scene are not recorded in surviving sources. To address the absence of young women’s experiences in existing sources, I am looking to conduct oral history interviews with 8-10 women over the age of 70, about their participation in Manchester’s beat scene. I am interested in interviewing women who regularly visited clubs in Manchester and women who visited clubs less frequently.

Interviews will be conducted remotely in May and June 2020. If you would like to know more about my research, and are interested in participating in an oral history interview about your experiences of Manchester’s beat scene in the 1960s, please contact me via email- lauren.jones9@stu.mmu.ac.uk. There is more information about my research in this Participant Information Sheet.

Lauren Jones.

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