S2 Episode 5 – Muhammad Meets Manchester: Phil Magbotiwan, The Reno, and Muhammad Ali in Manchester, 1971 with Lisa Ayegun

Founded in 1960s Moss Side, at a time when a colour bar still existed, the Reno was an inclusive space that anyone could enjoy. This included Muhammad Ali, who visited it in 1971! Phil Magbotiwan, the Reno’s founder, had a fascinating life including, among many other things, meeting and forming a connection with Muhammad Ali. The Reno, and stories such as Phil’s, are a vital part of Manchester’s history. It was a pleasure to speak with Phil’s daughter, Lisa Ayegun. We spoke about how Phil came to found the Reno, racism, and Lisa’s memories of the club. Phil’s connection to Muhammad Ali was also brought out beautifully by Lisa. We hope that you enjoy! Be sure to check out some of Lisa’s great photos of Phil, and the Reno below. Listen below or on spotify here.

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