Episode 10 – ‘The Strong Women of Victorian Manchester’ Project and Fundraiser with Ellie Andrews

The creative digital studio, Visioning Lab, recently launched a Kickstarter for the ‘Strong Women of Victorian Manchester’ digital storytelling project. We spoke with creative producer, and story teller, Ellie Andrews, about the project, which hopes to develop a video game and more!

Learn more about the project, and donate to the Kickstarter here.

Episode 8 – Disability History and the Disabled Peoples’ Archive: Dr Rosamund Oates, Lorna Young, and Siobhan O’Connor

UK Disability History Month takes place during November and December. We are delighted to be marking it with our involvement in four public lectures, and by participating in the International Day of Disabled People’s event on 3 December at Manchester Central Library.

During the latest episode we welcomed Lorna Young, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion manager at Manchester City Council, Siobhan O’Connor, Service Development Coordinator at Manchester Libraries, and Dr Rosamund Oates, Reader in the History Research Centre. Have a listen to our discussion on disabled people’s history and the disabled people’s archive.

The fantastic comics that are mentioned in the podcast can be accessed here and here.

Episode 7 – The Legendary 1945 Manchester Pan African Congress: Professor Ola Uduku, Dr Kai Syng Tan, and Dr Marie Molloy

Plaque commemorating fifth Pan African Congress Conference, Courtesy of By KGGuewa https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=6930560

The Pan African Congress of 1945 took place in Chorlton-on-Medlock Town Hall, now a Manchester Metropolitan University Building. It was a legendary conference, attracting leaders from future African independence movements. In 2020, a group came together, and put on an incredible series of events to mark the 75th anniversary of the congress. We were delighted to hear from Ola, Kai, and Marie who were instrumental in organising PAC75.

Delegates to the Fifth Pan-African Congress, Manchester. Copyright Manchester Archives Plus.

Check out the PAC75 Youtube channel where you can access many of the great events that took place.

Access the episode of Spotify.

Episode 6 – William Axon, “A Manchester Man”: Conversation with Lucy Evans

We had a great conversation with Lucy Evans about the Victorian antiquarian and polymath, William Edward Armytage Axon. Axon was a man who often pops up in Victorian Manchester. It seems the seven degrees of separation rule was two degrees for Axon, as people have come across him in so many ways!

William Axon saw himself as a Manchester man, as a man of letters, as somebody placed in the world to do good“.

Listen on Spotify here, or below.

Lucy has also written a blog piece on Axon which can be viewed here.

Episode 4 – The Richard Roberts Archive: Stockport’s Best Kept Secret

This week we welcomed Richard Roberts, from the Richard Roberts archive. The archive holds 100,000s of pieces of advertising artwork, going back to the 1800s. It has a particular focus on automobiles and land transport. Here is to it not being one of Stockport’s best kept secrets for much longer!

Listen on Spotify here.

Check out the archive’s twitter and their new website.

For more on automotive history, have a look at the Society of Automotive Historians in Britain here.

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Episode 3 – ‘Histories, Stories, Voices’ in Manchester’s Public Spaces with Karen Shannon and Councillor Luthfur Rahman

In episode 3 of the podcast we had a great conversation with Karen Shannon, Chief Executive of Manchester Histories and Councillor Luthfur Rahman from Manchester City Council. We discussed history in Manchester’s public spaces.

Manchester Histories and Manchester City Council have started a consultation into Manchester’s artworks, ‘Histories, Stories and Voices’. Take part in the consultation here.

You can also sign up to public discussions on the ways the city’s stories are told through monuments, statues, memorials & place names in Manchester’s public spaces here. 10 March 2021, 2pm and 7pm.

Listen on Spotify here.

Episode 2 – Recovering 10cc’s lost Strawberry Studios record, how to bake a tape with Peter Wadsworth

This week, we had a fascinating discussion with Peter Wadsworth. Peter is Stockport born and bred, has a PhD on the history of Strawberry Studios, and curated the Strawberry exhibition at Stockport Museum.

We discussed the fascinating history of Strawberry Studios with Peter, as well as the journey of restoring the lost 10cc tapes!

Listen on Spotify here.

Watch ‘The Great Stockport Bake-off – unearthing buried musical treasure – 10cc‘ – Four music geeks. Three lost studio tapes by 1970s pop legends 10cc. One oven. What could possibly go wrong?

Strawberry Studios, 1984