S2 Episode 4 – Learie Constantine, Lancashire, Yorkshire and Racism: Black and Asian Cricketers in Britain with Andy Carter, Part 3

This is the concluding part of our mini series with Andy. Andy talks about the great West Indian cricket player and personality, Learie Constantine, who played a lot of cricket in Lancashire for Nelson CC. We also spoke about Yorkshire’s racism scandal and its historic roots, before Andy finished on how cricket as been a social force for good in communities. Listen below or on Spotify here. We hope that you have enjoyed! Purchase Andy’s book here.

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Learie Constantine practising his batting in the nets during the West Indian cricket team’s tour of Australia in the 1930–31 season. National Library of Australia: Source Wikimedia Commons

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S2 Episode 5 – Muhammad Meets Manchester: Phil Magbotiwan, The Reno, and Muhammad Ali in Manchester, 1971 with Lisa Ayegun

Founded in 1960s Moss Side, at a time when a colour bar still existed, the Reno was an inclusive space that anyone could enjoy. This included Muhammad Ali, who visited it in 1971! Phil Magbotiwan, the Reno’s founder, had a fascinating life including, among many other things, meeting and forming a connection with Muhammad Ali. The Reno, and stories such as Phil’s, are a vital part of Manchester’s history. It was a pleasure to speak with Phil’s daughter, Lisa Ayegun. We spoke about how Phil came to found the Reno, racism, and Lisa’s memories of the club. Phil’s connection to Muhammad Ali was also brought out beautifully by Lisa. We hope that you enjoy! Be sure to check out some of Lisa’s great photos of Phil, and the Reno below. Listen below or on spotify here.

S2 Episode 4 – Ranjitsinhji: Early Black and Asian Cricketers in Britain with Andy Carter, Part 2

Welcome back to our Early Black and Asian Cricketers in Britain mini series. In this penultimate part, Andy takes us through the fascinating life of Ranjitsinhji. Ranjitsinhji came from a royal family in India, was one of England’s greats and after he retired got involved in Indian politics. Stay tuned for part 3 on Learie Constantine! Listen on Spotify here.

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S2 Episode 4 – Empire, Race, Class and the Aboriginals Cricket Tour of 1868: Early Black and Asian Cricketers in Britain with Andy Carter, Part 1

Most people know that Black and Asian cricketers have been a part of Britain for decades. This includes the great international players who played county cricket, as well as stars of the England team. However, this history is actually much older. In this great three part series I speak with Andy about his book, Beyond the Pale: Early Black and Asian Cricketers in Britain 1868-1945. In the first part we spoke on Andy’s introduction to cricket, the context of class, race and empire within which cricket sat in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century and also the Aboriginals tour of 1868. Listen below or on spotify here.

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S2 Episode 2 – Muhammad Meets Manchester: Muhammad Ali in Manchester, 1992 with Paul Bhatti

Muhammad Ali made several visits to Manchester from the 1960s all the way to 2009 when he came to Ricky Hatton’s gym. In what I hope will be the first of several episodes on Muhammad Ali’s visits, I speak to Paul Bhatti. Listen to Paul’s story below, and check out the wonderful videos and pictures that he has captured, on this page. You can also listen on spotify here.

Paul met Muhammad in 1992 at the Sherratt and Hughes bookstore in Manchester. He captured this amazing and unique video footage from the bookshop.

The Champ and Paul play boxing in Sherratt and Hughes. Picture captured by Paul Bhatti from Paul’s video footage.

Having moved to Michigan in the U.S. Paul’s connections to Muhammad came full circle when he was able to say farewell to the Champ at his funeral in Louisville, Kentucky. This time on his phone, rather than the chunky video recorder from 1992, Paul captured some great footage.

Hope you enjoy the episode, and this collection of footage, pictures and memories. Rest easy up there Champ.

Episode 10 – ‘The Strong Women of Victorian Manchester’ Project and Fundraiser with Ellie Andrews

The creative digital studio, Visioning Lab, recently launched a Kickstarter for the ‘Strong Women of Victorian Manchester’ digital storytelling project. We spoke with creative producer, and story teller, Ellie Andrews, about the project, which hopes to develop a video game and more!

Learn more about the project, and donate to the Kickstarter here.