Heritage and Well-being Evaluation


MCPHH specialises in heritage project evaluation; including impact and value analysis.

This page is designed to provide you with information about undertaking Heritage and Well-being evaluation on projects. If you require more information please contact f.sayer@mmu.ac.uk

PANAS and MVAS were developed and adapted by Dr F Sayer specifically to investigating how heritage practice can positively (or negatively) impact on individual and community well-being. These tests are suitable for adults aged over 16 (a further survey has been developed specifically for use with children).


It is suggested that for longitudinal analysis the self-assessment questionnaire is undertaken prior to, during and immediately after the project. To view the questionnaire click on the following link HappinessSurvey2018

Copyright information

The MVAS has been specifically developed for the longitudinal assessement of the impact of  community participatory projects on well-being, As such, if you are using this please can you register before use with Dr F Sayer, and if reproduced include the copyright statement and correct citation (see below).

Method first published:

Sayer, F. 2015: Can Digging Make You Happy? Archaeological Excavation and Wellbeing. Arts and Health: International Journal for Research Policy and Practice.