Manchester History Talks

Recent titles have included:

American Connection

  • Honest Abe in Albion: Abraham Lincoln and the Manchester Connection
  • ‘A Great Englishman’: Remembering George Washington in Northamptonshire and Lancashire
  • President Woodrow Wilson and his 1918 visit to Manchester.


  • Unsolved Murders from Victorian Manchester
  • Manchester’s Worst Female Criminals
  • Grim Tales from Manchester’s History

Death and the Disposal of the Dead

  • From Churchyard to Cemetery: A history of Manchester’s burial practices in the nineteenth-century

Eighteenth-Century Society and Politics

  • Manchester in the Eighteenth-Century: sex, death and politics in the Georgian town
  • Edmund Harrold: wigmaker and drunk of eighteenth-century Manchester


  • Living and Dying in Victorian Ancoats
  • see also Crime


  • Motoring in Edwardian Manchester


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